Every month, the Mullion Parish Council reviews planning applications submitted to Cornwall Council.

To make it easier to view applications submitted from Mullion you can go directly to the Cornwall Council website planning entries:.

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If you want to DOWNLOAD any section or the complete planning application, you can now do this from the Cornwall Council website.


New planning applications which are scheduled for, or may be discussed at the next meeting.
Plot Adj To Number 2 Churchy Fields Laflouder Fields Mullion Cornwall Preapp for new property
Pa18/03662 Mullion Cove Hotel: Installation of a bespoke 'Spa Shell' building
PA18/04933 Tregwinian, Polurrian Cliffs: Pitched Roof Extension
PA18/04205 10 Colroger Close: Certificate of lawfulness for static caravan in rear of garden.
Mullion Post Office, CO-OP: Change of plan for wall

Planning applications discussed at previous meetings.
PA18/02018 Mullion Post Office, CO-OP: Application for consent to display advertising signs
PA18/01963 Rose Cottage, Predannack:  Erect a dual anthracite grey conservatory to the rear of the property
PA18/00236 Laflouder Thatch, Laflouder Lane: Erection of replacement sun room and alterations to changing room. 
PA17/10588 Mulberry Cottage, Laflouder Lane: Ash Coppice down to 1m of ground and works to sycamore tree
PA17/11151 Artisan, Elm Terrace:  Change of use from shop to holiday let
Venton Arriance, Trewoon Road: Alterations and extensions to existing building to a dwelling
PA17/09960 Parc Bean, Trewoon Road:  Convert 1st floor of garage to form self contained unit for family accommodation and holiday use
Little Polbream Farm, Trevitho Lane, Meaver Road: Erection of wooden double garage and removal of greenhouse and shed.
24 Clifden Close: Proposed extension and internal alterations.
PA17/09352 Laflouder Thatch:  Retrospective planning approval for fence
9 Gwel An Garrek: Amendment to provide a flat roof to approved single storey extension
Swallowcourt, Polhu Nursing Home:  Application to vary condition 7 to amend use class
Col Ros, Laflouder Lane: Alteration to Garden Store. Raise wall height and reroof pitchd roof, increase height of doorway and replace door
Laflouder Thatch:  Use first floor of garage to be used for accommodation
PA17/05866 The Dairy, Predannack Manor:  Change of use to residential, erection of timber garden room
PA17/07647 WI Hall, Nansmellyon Rd:  Replace existing slates with cement fibre slates and like for like ridge tiles.
Clahar Cottage, Trewoon Rd: Various Works
Clahar Cottage, Trewoon Road: Listed building conent for various works
PA17/07288 Col Ros Laflouder Lane: Replace dormer window with two smaller dormer windows with glass 'juliet' guardings. Replace chimney. New Oriel window. New rooflight.
PA17/08230 Meres, Laflouder Lane, Certificate of Lawfulness
Mullion School: Replacement Roof
Meaver Crease Farm: Demolition of outbuildings, new extensions and parking area
Land Adj to Chy an Cloth, Laflouder Lane: Discharge conditions in PA16/07633 (Not on agenda)
Arcady, Laflouder Lane:  Proposed study garden store
PA17/06763 Trebulas, Chypons Road: Certificate of lawfulness, use of land as dwelling house
PA17/06862 Venton  Arriance, Trewoon Road:  complete conversion of 2 holiday flats to single dwelling
PA17/06929 71 Laflouder Fields:  North and south domestic extension including a conservatory
PA17/06937 Sea Dream, Meaver Road:  Demolition and replacement of exisitng kitchen extension (Not on agenda0
PA17/07333 Tresidder, Laflouder Lane: Discharge conditions in PA16/04111 (Not on agenda)

Planning applications discussed at previous meetings
PA17/05703 Bos Vean, Predannack: Erection of conservatory
PA17/05728 Tree Tops, Polurrian Road: Loft Conversion
PA17/05789 Wychwood, Angrouse Lane: Replace car port with living room extensions
PA17/05896 Telephone Exchange: Installation of 15m communications pole
PA17/06079 Gweal An Drae, Polurrian Road: Chnage of use, Guest house to single dwelling
PA17/01160 Laflouder Thatch; Fence
Mulberry Cottage
PA17/04917 Land off Park En Venton
PA17/02587 49 Tregellas Road: Erection of single story front extension
Tolverne, Nansmellyon Road: Amended Design
Sea Dream Meaver Road: Disbaled Shower Room Extension
PA17/00999/P PREAPP:Clahar Cottage Trewoon Road: removal of secondary staircase etc
PA17/02343 Tremellyon: Extensions and alterations including creation of first floor accomodation
PA17/01160 Laflouder Thatch: Fence
PA17/01549 16 Redannack: Demolish Shed and Build Extension
PA17/01763 Jusque Meres Valley: Single storey extension, studio room, patio alterations, double glazed window
PA17/02097 Land Adj. 14 Gwel An Garrek:  Revised new dwelling and garage
PA17/02196 41 Laflouder Fields: Proposed Extension and Internal Remodeling
PA17/02046 Polurrian  Hotel: Discharge Condition 9
67 Redannack North: extension
2 Angrouse Court: extension
PA16/05044 Predannack Morva: Convert agricultural premises to 7 residential units. (Revised plan)
PA16/10430 49 Tregellas Road: Erection of single storey, front extension (Revised plan)
PA16/11462 Mill Wheel Caravan Park Mullion Cove:  Replace existing dwelling
PA16/10187 Tenerife Farm: Erection of shower/toilet block
PA16/10430 49 Tregellas Road: Erection of single storey, front extension
PA16/10847 3 Carne Quarry: Continued use as holiday let
PA16/11047 An Mordros, Churchy Fields: Proposed extension
PA16/11381 Gil Brea, Glenmoor Lane:  Proposed extension and Interal alterations
PA16/11462 Mill Wheel Caravan Park Mullion Cove:  Replace existing dwelling
PA16/10609 9 Gwel An Garrek:  First floor extension
PA16/09647 Tolverne, Nansmellyon Road:  Demolition of existing dwelling and proposed replacement dwelling
PA16/09649 Sandpiper, Polurrian Road:  Proposed Extension, Balcony and Internal Alterations
Mullion Cove Hotel:  Preapp Leisure Centre, Bar extension, 15-20 units
22 Gibbons Fields: Proposed extension, internal and first floor window alterations
PA16/05044 Predannack Farmhouse: Conversion to 7 residential units
PA16/08496 Higher Bochym Workshops: Storage Shed
PA16/06575 Gwelgwynyn Gibbons Fields: SIngle storey extension
Construction of dwelling on land adjacent To Chy An Coth, Laflouder Lane
Clahar Garden, Trewoon Road: Proposed agricultural building
Mullion Harbour: Listed building consent for remedial repairs to the Western Breakwater
PA16/07115 Laflouder Thatch: Listed Building Consent for repointing works, Chimney Treatment, External Colour amendments
PA16/06799 Seven Pines, Angrouse Lane: Proposed Living room and Bedroom Extension
PA16/07319 Newton Farm Polhorman Lane:  Proposed Replacement Sunroom
PA16/08368 1 Coastguard Cottages Proposed dormer windows and balcony to 2nd floor, replaceentrance porch & rear extension.
PA16/07898 Smugglers Cottage, Churchtown:  Replace patio doors with bi-fold doors
PA16/05044 Predannack Morva: Convert agricultural premises to 7 residential units.
PA16/04482 36 Tregellas Road: Single storey Extension,
PA16/06829 56 Laflouder Fields: Sunroom extension and roof alterations
PA16/06694 Laflouder Thatch: Amend entrance gate arrangement
PA16/02326/P Preapp: Mullion Gallery
PA16/03994 Land Adj 14 Gwel An Garrek:  Proposed new dwelling
PA16/04222 Half Tides: Replacement of the existing main house and the holiday cottage.
PA16/04284 Rear of Alma House: Outline application for the construction of a dwelling
PA16/04165 Arcady, Laflouder Lane: First Floor Extension, alterations and external works
PA16/04887 Tal an Vean, Polhorman Lane: Proposed extension and replacement of window to french doors.
Gwelgwynyn Gibbons Fields: 2 storey extension to form a 4 bed house or separate dwelling.
PA16/04928 Poldhu Nursing Home: Amendment to facing materials in decision notice PA11/08107
PA16/04465 Briar Cottage, Trewoon Rd: New detached garage
PA16/04158 Valley View, Glenmoor Lane.  Regularisation of already built patio and deck.
PA16/03696 LaFlouder Thatch.  Replacement taller chimneys for compliance with Building Regulations
PA16/03355 Post Office: Single storey extension to create convenience store with associated parking V
PA16/02847 Land Adj To Chy An Coth:  Outline planning permission for detached dwelling
Laflouder Thatch Laflouder Lane, Proposed Alterations, Reinstatement and Repairs
16 Gwel-An-Garrek Erection of a conservatory to enclose existing first floor terrace, and install window to garage
PA16/02982 Land adj to Angrouse Cottage: Outline planning permission for detached dwelling
PA16/01275 Seven Pines Angrouse Lane  Proposed construction of kitchen and bedroom extension (updated docs)
PA16/01590 Gwelgwynyn Gibbons Fields 2 storey side extension containing 2 ensuite bedrooms, dining room and utility room.
PA16/01717 Mill Cottage Mullion Cove extension and alteration to existing cottage
PA16/02013 Roselands Mullion Cove: Proposed extension to dwelling and cladding 
PA16/02141 Living Waters, Polurrian Cliff:  Demolition of two extensions and erection of new and replacement extensions.
PA15/11582 Predannack Manor Erection of agricultural building to supercede planning PA11/10224
PA16/00411 Tresidder. Demolition of existing home and construction of replacement dwelling 
PA16/00516 56 Laflouder Fields.  Proposed sun room extension and roof alterations
PA16/00628 British Legion.  Remove boundary wall and create a new parking space 
PA16/00587 Trenance Farm Cottages, remove condition 2 in W2/81/00906/F to allow year round use as holiday accommodation
PA16/00588 Trenance Farm Cottages, remove condition 3 in W2/81/01048/F to allow year round use for holiday accommodation
PA16/00593 Trenance Farm Cottages, remove condition 3 in W2/82/00593/F