In the absence of Parish Council meetings we have created a list of planning applications that can be reviewed and commented upon.

Cornwall Council notifies Mullion Parish Council of all planning applications and will have regard to any comments made by the Council. You can see how this process works by clicking here.  The final decision is then taken by Cornwall Council.

Column 1:  Planning Application Number - click on the number to go to the detailed planning request on the Cornwall Council website.

Column 2:  The address associated with the planning application.  Clicking here will let you see any comments submitted to Cornwall Council.

Column 3:  The date by which comments are required by Mullion Parish Council.

Column 4:  Clicking here will let you submit a comment to Mullion Parish Council.  Please use the application number in the subject field.  If your response is greater than 250 characters you can send it as an email to

Column 5:  Clicking here will allow you to view a complete PDF file containing the entire planning application.  It is the same file that is distributed to councillors prior to meetings.  You can download or print it as required.

Application Number

Address (click to see comments on Cornwall Website)

Comments required by:

Click here to send comments

Full PDF File


Poldhu Nursing Home: Temporary road to new waste water plant

26 August 2020


Not Available


YMCA Nansmellyon Road: Preapplication for conversion of Mullion Nursey into 7 self contained accomodation to provide independent living

26 August 2020


Not Available